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ClashSRO - Silkroad Online Game Private Server

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➜ (Egyptian Donation) 30~50% Discount For 24H Only.


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Welcome to ClashSRO!
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New Update v1.404 posted by Admin at 24-08-17 | Comments (4)


- (CLASH) Item Mall Prices Reduced.
- CLASH Donate Coins Lottery Lucky Box Added. 
- Money Coins Max Stack Changed From 1 > 1000
- Battle Arena Schedule Time Fixed Between CTF.
- Some Texts Fixed
- Rollback 10mins Before Inspection (Important)
- 250 Vote Points Added To All Players Due To Downtime & 10min Rollback.
- Some Known Bugs Fixed.
- Website Now Secured With [McAfee Secure] & [DMCA Copyrights].
- Security System Updated.

> Who Have Problem With Updating via Luancher, Delete ( TempPath ) Folder From Game's Folder Then Re Update Again

Thank You

New Update v1.402 posted by Admin at 17-08-17 | Comments (1)

- New Look Weapons UPDATED!

- New Look Scroll Price Reduced To 1.5K Coins
- Notice When Weapons Alchemy Succeed +16 or Above Added

More Info. And Photos Click Here .

Thank You.

PC Limits Changed posted by Admin at 14-08-17 | Comments (1)

PC Limit: Unlimited
Job PC Limit: 2

Unique Rank Started posted by Admin at 14-08-17 | Comments (0)

Unique Rank Now is working.
to check your points and Uniques points:

1- Reward 250 Clash Donate Coins and Title, Every week After FTW.
2- The Page Update Daily @ 00:00 Server Time.

New Job System Edit posted by Admin at 13-08-17 | Comments (0)

Resting All Job Points When One Player Collect 30 Point Removed.
​Now Your Points Will Never Reset Until You Collect 30 Points.

Update v1.401 posted by Admin at 13-08-17 | Comments (1)

1 - Fire Shield Skill Cannot Use With Honor Buff FIXED.

2 - Money Coins Added.
* you can find them in NPC Area @Special Items NPC.

3 - CLASH's Weapon New Look Scroll Added.
* you can find it in NPC Area @CLASH Item Mall NPC

Sorry for inspection down time.

for more info and photos (CLICK HERE)

Update v1.399 posted by Admin at 09-08-17 | Comments (0)
Update v1.399
- Launcher Updating Images Fixed
- Client v1.399 Uploaded To The Website:
- Academy Scroll REMOVED
- Clash Honor Buff Scroll ADDED
* You can buy it from (Clash) Item Mall @NPC Area

Update v.1.396 posted by Admin at 08-08-17 | Comments (0)

- Academy Scroll REMOVED

- Clash Honor Buff Scroll ADDED
* You can buy it from (Clash) Item Mall @NPC Area

- Some Bugs Fixed


FW Spy System Added posted by Admin at 04-08-17 | Comments (0)

FW Spy System Added

How to use >

PM ( Reporter ) @FTW Time With The Spy Char. Name
First Time He Will Get DC.
Second Time Will Get Ban Until FTW Finish Time.

Guild Master Only Can Report his Spy Member
It's Only Works @FW Region And Time.

Thank You

Update v1.394 posted by Admin at 02-08-17 | Comments (0)


- New Auto Events Added.
- New Weapon's Glow Added
- Some Bugs Fixed

Thank You.

Update v.1.392 posted by Admin at 01-08-17 | Comments (2)

Update v.1.392

- New Academy System Added.
* Academy Scrol Available @(Clash) Item Mall NPC in NPC Area.

- New Anti-Cheat Job System Added.
- Khulood Unique HP reduced.
- Auto Events Rewards increased.
- Kill GM Auto Event Added.

Update v1.389 posted by Admin at 29-07-17 | Comments (2)

- New Security System Added
- Job PC Limit = 1
- Some Bugs Fixed

1- to use another job char. you must remove the job suite from your other chars.
2- you must run the game with launcher for first time to make the update not from the bot.

Thank You..

Job System Rewards Exchanged posted by Admin at 27-07-17 | Comments (1)

Job System Rewards Exchanged:

Every Trade >

1 Global Chating
1 Reverse Scroll
5 Clash Reward Coins
3 Job Points
GOLD (1* = 1B, 2*=2B ....)

Every 51 Points >
100 Clash Donate Coins
2 Immortal Stones D14

To Get Your Rewards After Every Trade You Must Relog.
To Exchange Your 51 Points Use Return Scroll After Relog
To Check Your Points

Thank You..

Daily Quests Rewards Updated posted by Admin at 19-07-17 | Comments (3)

1- Clash Donate Coins Daily Quest Changed From 5 To 20 Coins
2- LC Coins Daily Quest Changed Fom 2 To 10 Coins
3- JC Coins Daily Quest Changed From 3 To 20 Coins

> For Limited Time

Lunched posted by Admin at 16-07-17 | Comments (0)

ClashSRO Server is Lunched now

Client Released, Download NOW! posted by Admin at 15-07-17 | Comments (1)

to download the client CLICK HERE yes
Note: you can download but you can't login to the game untill the opening time wink


How To Start, Published! posted by Admin at 13-07-17 | Comments (1)

Click Here

RULES & FAQ Published! posted by Admin at 13-07-17 | Comments (0)

Click Here

Trailer Released. posted by Admin at 13-07-17 | Comments (0) Protection Status  


Server Time


CTF: Every 2 Hours
Battle Arena: Every 2 Hours
Auto Events: Every 1 Hour
Team Events: Every 3 Hours

Weekly Tournament

Best INT: 
Best CH: 
Best EU: 
Best UQ: 
Best PVP: Nothing
Best Donator: 

Tournament Guide (Click Here)

Fortress Status
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: FeelOurPain Tax: 20%
Hotan: Nothing Tax: 0%
Bandit: Nothing Tax: 0%
Constantinople: Nothing Tax: 0%


Every Friday @ 7:00 ~ 9:00 PM Server Time

Jangan FW: OPEN
Hotan FW: OPEN
Constantinople FW: CLOSED

ClashSRO Team

[GM]Pasha / Owner & Game Master
[GM]Busted / Game Master
[GA]Speedy / Game Assistant
[EM]Revenge / Events Manager

don't trust any another chars!

Refferal System
Server info:

Server info :

PVE: Play2Win
Race: CH - EU
Cap: 130
Skills: 130
Skill Mastery EU:260 / CH:390
Degree: 14
MAX Plus: +16 No ADV / +20 ADV
Alchemy Rate: 3x
PC Limit: Unlimited
Job PC Limit: 2
Experience rate: 120x
Party Experience rate: 150x
Gold drop coeficent: 5x
Item drop coeficent: 10x

Status :

Client Version: 1.404
Accounts: 2665
Characters: 3857
Guilds: 61
Facebook Page


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